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The Future of Linux RAM Disks

Petros Koutoupis
What is it?

It was designed to be used in high performing environments and has been designed with simplicity in mind.

Utilizing a user land binary, the system administrator is capable of dynamically adding new RAM based block devices of varying sizes, removing existing ones to even listing all existing RAM block devices and more.

What can it do?
if this interests you, then you should try


It can take any computing
system and turn it into a high

operating at 1.5 GB/s to over 3 GB/s

not bad huh?

it only allocates memory pages as it needs them and not all at once

use it however you need it, as the only limit is your imagination

want to know more?


one more thing...

there also exists a custom Linux distro called RapidDisk LX to export RapidDisk functionality as a target over an existing SAN


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